Deatrick Village – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Deatrick Village is located about one mile outside of Historic Gettysburg.  It’s a development that is tailored toward low maintenance single-story living.  Some floor plans do allow for a 2nd floor but most of the available plans are designed to accommodate single-story living.  The condo fee at Deatrick Village covers lawn care, snow removal to the front door, landscaping maintenance, and a community center which includes a fitness center.  The fee varies depending on your choice of residence.  Single family homes have a condo fee of $85 per month.  These homes start in the low 200,000 and can be optioned out to meet the needs of the buyer.

Deatrick Village also features attached units which S and A homes has called Quads.  These quads start at 189,000 and are 2 bedroom units.  The first generation quads were first floor master  bedroom units with 2 large bedrooms on the 2nd floor but due to cost and the target buyers for this development S and A adapted the units to be more appealing.  They feature one less bedroom but have turned their focus to single story living.  The first generation units are no longer available except for re-sale units which typically don’t last long in this development.  The condo fee for these units is $140 per month.  The increased fee is due to insurance for the outside of the building.  Because these 4 units are attached the condo association carries insurance on the outside of the building.  The purchaser essentially owns from the wall studs in with the condo association maintaining the outside as well as lawn, snow removal, and landscaping.

As an independent agent I can assist you in your new home purchase and work in conjunction with the on-sight builder representative to get the best possible price and features on your new Deatrick Village Home.   My expertise will guarantee that you, the buyer, is represented.  The on-sight agent is an employee of the builder and has the builder’s best interest in mind.  Working with that agent means you have no representation.  Don’t go in alone call me at 717-319-3408 before visiting the community so we can work through this process together.

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