All winter long I posture people to list their house before spring but most are hesitant to do so.   Why?  I have no idea.  In theory it makes complete sense to have your house on the market during the busy part of the year.  However much of real estate and based on the most basic economic principle of supply and demand.   This year in particular the inventory has been very light.  I’d be  hesitant to suggest that it was becoming a sellers market but we are certainly trending toward balance.

What does this mean to Gettysburg Sellers and Hanover sellers?  

It means perhaps you’ll achieve a little bit higher of a list to sell ratio (average is about 95%).  Perhaps you’ll have the opportunity for multiple offers.  This means less contingencies, less inspections, less concessions toward closing costs.  Before you all go getting real excited about over-pricing your house – CALM DOWN.  We aren’t there yet but in some markets with the right house there has been quite a bit of buying competition.  If I could make one suggestion it would be price it right.  Proper pricing results in excitement which could be the lead to that HGTV multiple offer situation all you sellers’ want to brag about.

Gettysburg, Hanover buyers – How will this effect you?  

It may reduce the amount of seller help for closing.  You may have to look toward preferred pricing (higher interest rate to get cash for closing – LENDER CREDIT) to generate the additional cash for closing.  You may also have to reduce your inspections.  Just make sure that you do the inspections required for your loan.  USDA, FHA, VA have a few required tests.  It might be a scenario where that embarrassingly low offer might not fly.  Don’t worry I think there is still time and plenty of opportunities for great deals.  The foreclosures are readily available and there are plenty of short sales if you have the patience to deal with one.

Springs here and the market is heating up.  If you haven’t listed your house yet please call 717-319-3408 and lets get it on the market.  The last two houses I listed at proper prices sold in less than a month.

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