Every agent has a different opinion on home preparations for the sale of your home and I’m going to share mine.  Others may do things differently and as far as I know there isn’t a proven system one way or another but I shall give you a little food for thought and you can decide what to do with it.  If you like what I have to say then perhaps you should hire me to sell your home.  I work York, Adams, and Franklin Counties.

Complete all projects:  Most buyers would prefer a turn-key home assuming they can afford it.  They’re always people looking for project homes but they’d be ill-advised to pay market value for a “fixer-upper.”  So to maximize your equity position and receive the highest net at settlement finish up your projects.

Prepare the home for VA, FHA, USDA standards:  Bring your agent in ahead of time to go through the house so that all problems can be addressed.  If they are addressed upfront the path to settlement will be both more predictable and timely.  The most common problems are chipping paint, handrails, and hot water heater pressure relief valves.   Other more expensive problems can be septic systems and roofs.  I don’t typically suggest a seller test a septic system before listing but if you think it may be suspect it may be something to consider.  Water tests tend to have simpler solutions but can also at times require 1,000+ solutions for high bacteria, lead, etc.

You might not be photogenic but your home needs to be:  You don’t need to have a show home that doesn’t look lived in but it has to be clean and properly setup to show off your homes best features.  Most people look at the price and promptly view the photos.  Qualify photos of a clean, well kept house will do wonders for the marketability and sale price of your home.  The first step to any real estate sale is to get people in the door.  A good online presence and quality photos are a great start.

De-clutter and Clean and Ditch the family photos in the stairway:  Why?  In a small area like Gettysburg and Hanover people get distracted checking out your family instead of looking at the house.  On a more emotional note the goal is to want them to see themselves in your house, not the memories you’ve created there with your family.  As harmless as they may seem my recommendation is to box them up and wait to display them until you’re in your next place.

Landscaping: Clean it up, keep it trimmed, cut the grass, etc.  I think this portion is self explanatory but I will say it’s important to make a first impression and well…the front of the house is the first thing most people see.


These tips should get most home owners well on track to listing their home for sale.  If you’d like to request a listing appointment you can contact me at David.Monsour@gmail.com or at 717-319-3408.



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