The Real Estate Unicorn

On January 24, 2012, in Buyers, by David Monsour

In “Gone in 60 Seconds” the Shelby GT 500 is the Unicorn.  Seemingly every time they attempt to boost the car something unexpected takes place.  They go on to define the unicorn as a “fictional, un-captureable creature.”  So in real estate we have our own unicorn.  You don’t see it that much but every so often there is a rogue consumer.  They call every agent in town, setup showings one at a time with different agents, and at the end of the day waste all your time with no return in site.

This person obviously fears commitment, there is no doubt about that.  However, this person has failed to realize their efforts to remain “un-captureable” have resulted in a disservice to themselves.  Why?  I’ll tell you.  After a period of time with their clients real estate agents develop and acute sense for needs, wants, likes, dislikes, and any other item that could affect a potential purchase.  Over time we can rule out properties without the buyer visiting them.  Since we are in the market daily we have knowledge of most properties in our market area.  It’s very common for a real estate agent to know the attributes of most if not all houses in their primary market.  In Fact, at times I feel like I’ve seen most homes in the county.

Buyers, listen up.  It’s okay to interview agents and to decide on the best agent for your needs.  Ask questions, get comfortable, BUT do this before you start looking at homes.  Get online look at their Blog, Twitter, Linkedin, “Google” them.  Agents, in general, would appreciate not chasing the “un-captureable.”



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