If This Agent Doesn’t Work Out…

On January 5, 2012, in Listings, by David Monsour

If this agent doesn’t work out…you might be overpriced?

I was at a New Years Eve event this weekend and almost inevitably real estate came up. I listed a property for the host of the party and naturally everyone was interested in my progress with the sale. Unfortunately for my professional reputation this particular property is a really difficult sale. It’s a very buyer specific commercial property. The problem isn’t so much with the property just the limited buyer pool for something of this nature.

I got to talking with a few different people, some that were leasing and some that have their houses marketing with other agents. One such person mentioned to me that if this realtor didn’t work out that she would contact me about listing her place. It was mentioned that another agent only wanted to reduce the price but wasn’t doing any proper paper marketing. I defended the agent suggesting the online buyer percentages and the expense of paper advertising versus the return on investment.

So what’s my point?  Well I think a lot of times the agent isn’t the question.  The question becomes whether or not you’re taking the advice of the agent you have.  An overpriced house is an overpriced house no matter whose name is planted in the front yard.  On the flip side if the marketing online isn’t up to par and the agent isn’t available to the seller than it may be time to switch to a new agent.   Oftentimes sellers are too quick to place blame before they look at the information they have been given and what they’ve chosen to do with it.

I’ll gladly take over any listing but if you aren’t listing to your current agent what is going to make me any different?


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