Should You Keep Your Home Listed During The Holidays?

On December 3, 2011, in Listings, by David Monsour

The simple answer is YES.  I’m sure many people could make a counter argument but my personal opinion is that for something to be sold it has to be available.  In the next few paragraphs we will look at some reasons to keep your house on the market.

1.)  Serious buyers:  If a person is out looking at houses during this time of year they are more than likely seriously shopping for a new home.  Any real estate agent will tell you that people waste our time constantly.  We accept it as part of the job but not all people looking at houses will ever buy one.  In fact I’ve had clients that have suggested looking at houses far over their price range because they were curious…Unreal.  However during the holiday season home buyers are serious and are more likely to purchase.

2.)  Relocation:  Employers often hire toward the beginning of the year which means people are relocating.  If they are moving to a new area they will be house hunting prior to starting their new job.

3.)  Inventory:  With some many other people removing their homes from the market the rules of supply and demand work in your favor.

Before taking your home off the market this holiday season consider how serious you are about selling.  If it’s just a feeler than take it off the market and have a happy showing free season, but if you really need and want to sell your home then keep it on the market because buyers are out there.

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