Understanding and Evaluating Showing Frequency

On November 18, 2011, in Uncategorized, by David Monsour

Real estate agents like myself use a lot of different pulses to evaluate the activity on each listing.  Zillow and Trulia release statistics on a weekly basis.  Google analytics or similar analytics software also provide statistics which the modern day agent can use to gauge the interest on listings.

The Internet provides some excellent information but truth be told nothing is more important than showing frequency in my opinion.  There is no one winning equation for success.  Higher end listings in Gettysburg and Hanover will naturally have a lower showing frequency because they are out of reach to many buyers.  Inexpensive houses, despite condition, will likely garner more traffic.  Depending on your primary market your agent should have an idea what the frequency should be and what to do if it’s not up to par.

So how does one property evaluate showing frequency?  I like to use month long intervals and see what type of interest is being generated if any.  This could be broken down to 2 week intervals if you want to be more aggressive.  If the showings are under a certain number than something is missing.  It could be price, marketing, or presentation.  Location could also play a roll but this is only plays a significant roll if the location is exceptional or horrible.

If you aren’t getting showings:  How do you feel about your price?  How does your property look inside and out?  Is your agent tapping the proper markets with his/her advertising efforts?  These are the questions you should be asking yourself.  Price can usually make up for presentation of the property so if you’re short on liquid cash that might be your best bet.

If your in Adams or York county and aren’t getting the showings you want call me and we’ll put together a comprehensive plan to generate more traffic and get RESULTS.

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