Staging Your Gettysburg Hanover Area Home

On October 4, 2011, in Listings, by David Monsour

DIY network and HGTV have become an influential force when it comes to buyer expectations. Contrary to what may be on all of those TV shows not all buyers have to see a house that is fully staged to appreciate what it has to offer. It’s not common in Gettysburg for sellers to hire or pay stagers unless the house is a very high end home (1,000,000+) and even then we have so few properties in that range that it’s still relatively uncommon. So now that the expectations are out there it doesn’t mean that you should show your home the way you live it.

If you’ve been in a staged house you can see and feel the difference between that home and one that is lived in. TV’s are the most prominent accessory and that huge L-shaped couch might not be the best choice when staging a home. My suggestion to a Gettysburg or Hanover area seller is to create a bright, open, flowing floor plan. Highlight the best features of your home. Do you remember when you bought it? Why did you? Was there a feature that stood out?

Some tips:

Neutral earth tones tend to appeal to the masses. If you have a lot of custom paint it may be time to cover it up with something that 80-90% of people like. I know painting is easy but people are lazy. Deep down everyone would prefer “turn key” if it’s in the budget.

That Couch that is blocking the flow should be moved. So often I walk into houses and feel cramped because the decor is just positioned all wrong. It will show far better if it’s easy to walk around.

If your house smells funky do something about it – Clean the cat box, have the carpets cleaned, bake some cookies – choose your sales poison and make it happen.

Clean! – Enough Said.

A clean well maintained house comes with piece of mind. Buyers see things in order and assume the mechanicals have been treated with the same level of care.

It doesn’t take a $2000 dollar make over to sell a house in Gettysburg or Hanover. Keep it neat, bright, and clean and PRICE IT RIGHT and you’ll be very successful with the sale.

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