There is a lot of money to be made in bad markets.  In the history of financial institutions, insurance companies, and real estate many people got their start in less than favorable conditions.  Times like this are times of great opportunity.  There are a lot of wholesale properties on the market.  Often forgotten is that many people who would be candidates for these homes can’t obtain financing due to condition.  So there lies the opportunity.

You’re probably thinking you have to be insane, who flips properties in this real estate climate?  Okay so perhaps you’re right it’s not the time to take on huge amounts of debt and certainly not debt you can’t easily cover with what you’re making now.  But what if….

What if there was a buyer ready to purchase the remodeled home?  What if they wanted to pay x and you had x-$20,000 tied up in the property after repairs.

Based on the available figures there is no shortage of distressed properties and the prices they bring are quite negotiable.  Contractors, Investors, and Real estate professionals all have an opportunity here and it’s something that needs to be explored.  It’s not going to be for everyone but the simple truth is that nice properties that are priced right sell quickly.  Money is made on the front end of the deal not the back end.  Buy cheap and sell at market value – this is a winning equation.


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