Area of Expertise – Expanding

On August 22, 2011, in Uncategorized, by David Monsour

As a real estate professional there is a lot to be said about ones area of expertise.  Real estate agents tend to know the most about the areas they spend the most time in.  However the current economic climate has almost forced agents to expand their primary market to cover expenses.  Deals that would once be referred are now being handled even if they are a bit out of the agents primary market area.  One could make the case that working outside of ones area of expertise is a disservice to the client.  The case can also be made that it’s no different than being a new agent.  It’s possible to know the roads and the area but knowing the market is impossible unless you’re immersed in it.  Where a veteran agent, even out of area, can shine is with knowledge of the business and the ability to find answers to potential questions.

I’m writing this post because Gettysburg, Pa is a small market and as a motivated agent the market is too small for my personal sales goals.  I do not plan put Gettysburg on the back burner but I do believe that Hanover, Waynesboro, Chambersburg and the south end of Harrisburg, and west end of York are easily within reach and can be covered in a professional manner.   Some changes will be coming to the Realty-Insights page as I transition from a Gettysburg only focus to a more South Central PA focus.

If you’re looking in those outside areas you can expect the same top notch communication and effort.  There will be some discovery but for the most part real estate knowledge varies more state to state than regionally in the same state.


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