I figured this might be an interesting way to start the week. I’ve been in quite a few situations lately where I knew what was in the best interest of my clients but they didn’t agree. Most of the time it comes down to listing price or contract price/terms but those aren’t the only items that we see differently. It could be staging, condition of the house, or simply showing times that they won’t allow.

I can think of a few reasons why a person wouldn’t listen to their agent. I titled this “Real Estate Professional” because that is exactly what you need to hire when buying or selling your property, a professional. There is a large variance of competence in the real estate industry. Let me go out on a limb and say it’s probably the largest variance of any profession nationwide. I think under some circumstances I can visualize a scenario where a home seller or buyer could be more apt to handle the transaction than the agent. It’s important to hire an agent for their professional demeanor and not because they are your friend from 3 years ago that just got a real estate license. My personal opinion from an insider perspective is that obtaining a real estate license isn’t challenging enough considering the financial magnitude of a real estate investment.

Another reason people ignore the suggestions of their agent is because they refuse to accept reality. The state of the real estate market is no secret. I’m confident when I say the media has painted a picture that portrays a market that is actually worse than it really is. It’s not great but they never report any positive news. Some areas across the country have experienced relatively solid recoveries. We are not out of the woods yet but some positive news might pull some of the by-standers out off the sidelines.

The Consumer just knows more.  Okay I don’t agree with that statement but I do believe that a large percentage of sellers think they know real estate.  The basic principals in real estate aren’t challenging to understand.  However, title work, financing, and inspections can throw a wrench into what might typically be an easy deal.  This isn’t a personal shot to a consumer but people don’t fight the opinions of other professions like they do those of realtors.


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