My House Won’t Sell – Expired Listing

On June 29, 2011, in Sellers, by David Monsour

First off, you’re not alone. There are homes around the country that are well priced, well equipped homes that deserve a good buyer. However if you’re a seller don’t assume that I’ve just described you because most sellers would be lying to themselves if they believe they have the perfect house at the perfect price.

So why don’t homes sell or more particularly why isn’t your home sold? There are three main reasons so read on…

Price: Painfully obvious but over-priced homes don’t sell. Heck, as I stated above even properly priced homes don’t sell all the time. What sells in the current real estate market are aggressively priced homes. If you read a lot of real estate blogs or follow real estate you’ll be aware that prices have been trending downward for a while now. To a seller this means that prices need constant adjustment or the home needs to be priced ahead of the market so that it STANDS OUT!!!

Presentation: This doesn’t mean go blame your agent. It COULD be his/her fault if there aren’t enough pictures, a high resolution virtual tour, or a video tour of the house. However, if you’re house looks like it was just featured on Hoarders it may be your fault. Adjust your lighting, move your furniture, and make the house look nice and flow well. They call this staging in some circles. Who cares what it’s called if it sells your house. Watch HGTV to get some ideas on what you could do. A lot of times it’s free or inexpensive to make huge changes that could lead to a sale. Ask your agent they’ll gladly give you tips if you ask.  Some might be too shy to offend the seller but everyone wins when the house sells.

Marketing: We all do it differently. Marketing isn’t universal. It’s important to target the proper market for your home. If you have a 2 story without a first floor master consider the fact that you’re targeting a young family. If you have a rancher you may target the 55+ crowd. Maybe it’s a small modern condo where you want to target the young professional. These items should be considered in a real estate marketing plan.

If your house is languishing on the market I’d be willing to bet that one of the three items above is your culprit. Make some changes and if your agent isn’t on board there are a little over a million of us nationwide. If you’re not in my area and want a suggestion send me an email and I’ll connect you with a stand-up qualified agent in your area.

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