When the Gettysburg Country Club went out of business in 2008 the land was purchased by a Maryland developer.  The National Park Service had made many attempts to acquire the 95 acre parcel over the past 20 years, but had failed until recently when it was able to purchase the 9 hole golf course portion of the former Gettysburg Country Club.  The Clubhouse and pool is still owned by the developer.  The old Country Club Clubhouse is going to now function as the Clubhouse for “The Preserves” a development by Summit Homes.   I cannot disclose the potential future use of the other building at this time but I think the local population will be satisfied.

The land was purchased by The Conservation Fund, a Virginia based Organization for 1.4 Million dollars.  Many local residents were concerned that the land would be developed by the builder, especially those that own golf course (now battlefield) front property.  In a market where property values are already struggling it could have been a major hit to what is considered a prime location.

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