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On January 4, 2011, in Uncategorized, by David Monsour

Real estate marketing has changed significantly over the past few years.  The largest change has been a byproduct of the Internet and social media.  Real Estate Agents used to be the source of all real estate information.  They knew what houses were listed in what neighborhoods and at what prices.  The agent was necessary to track down homes that fit your criteria.  Fast forward a few years and literally everything is a google search away. 

The old way was real estate magazines, newspaper advertisements, and putting your name and face in every possible publication in an attempt to acquire buyers for your listings.  Those antique marketing strategies have given way to blogging, facebook, twitter, zillow, trulia, and the powerful Internet. 

So is your real estate agent marketing in the right places and if not why?  Maybe the misconception about an older real estate agent having more experience (not always true) is actually the exact opposite thought process one should be having.  Perhaps, the young tech savvy agent that is connected has more to offer.  Lets look at the NAR survey results and you can make your own decision.

Not surprising most buyers have established relationships with a real estate agent and depend on that agent to provide them with real estate information. 

Second to Realtors 19% of buyers are coming from the Internet.  These buyers are searching via google, on zillow or trulia, or finding blog posts that contain the information they are seeking.  They choose their realtor only after doing proper research. 

Yard signs are still resulting in about 10% of sales.  Remember though this does not mean that they are necessarily buying the first house they call about.  It’s certainly a high enough figure to make sure you have a yard sign in place. 

Websites are at 9%.  Most real estate agents have created and maintain their own personal websites or blogs, like this one, to generate leads and share local information. 

Magazines and newspapers have really become obsolete and will continue to decline in popularity.  They are a primitive form of marketing are very expensive.  A lot of consumers still believe in paper advertising but real estate is shifting away from this medium due to average cost per lead generated (it would make you sick to know what it costs for 1 lead).

Friends/Neighbors come in at 4%.  Everyone loves referrals.

Open houses result in a meager 2% but this varies greatly per location. 

If you only want to market to 51% of the market hire a passive agent that lists your home and forgets about it until an offer comes in.  Active agents will continue to work to find buyers and get your home sold.


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