I don’t think I’m going to add any commentary to this blog.  I’m just going to take this opportunity to help the people of Adam’s have their voices heard.  I will however briefly state that with two appraisals I did manage to get my Dad’s tax assessment reduced over $90,000 dollars and to within 3% of the appraised value.  We were fortunate to have refinanced and reopened a line of credit which ended up a very timely endeavor considering the appeal process for the Adams County Tax Assessment.

Dear Peoples Voice Adams,
       We are still waiting for the conference call to go through with the attorneys and Judge Kleinfelter regarding the possible ‘permanent injunction’.  The judge did not grant the temporary injunction, but saw enough problems all the way through the case to say he was interested in looking at the C.O.D.  and considering a permanent injunction.  We are in the process of getting a copy of the transcripts to put on the  website for you to read. 
      Just found out today for yourselves or anyone you know that is still within the 30 day window as to when they received their notice of the formal appeals answer if they are unable to pay the $155.00 for the Court of Common Pleas they may fill out a form called In Forma Pauperis.  Please don’t lose your place to get Justice, if you need help we will help you however we can.
      Today from things told to us by Mr. Hartzel in the commissioners meeting as well as my husband George and I going to a Court of Common Pleas case we learned that we were not able to go in with our friend to the ‘pre-trial hearing’. “It is just a conference”.   It was Judge George, Mr. Hartzel and our Pro-Se friend ( representing himself ) without an appraisal  or attorney in the small room off of the courtroom on the 4th floor inside courtroom #1. There were several other couples and people who came in Pro-Se also today.           
      The Judge is the neutral party with Mr. Hartzel and the taxpayer  were working out a number they both could live with.  From what I have heard today many of the people with or without an attorney have been able to come to an agreed upon number.  It takes about 15 minutes and you get your answer!!
       In my opinion this is how  it should have been handled from the beginning when  the people were going to their formal hearings. You can ask for ‘discovery’ from the other side when you send/bring in your papers 5 days before your hearing.  It is more relevant if you do not settle and go all the way.
       If you wish to ask for the evidence it would be listed under  H.  on the Court of Common Pleas Court date paper and the list of things to send in H. would be the discovery and called  ( If you want their evidence )
       H.  Evidentiary Request.  (Not sure on the spelling of Evidentiary)
       As for what to send in to them Exhibits like Failed Perks, Appraisals, any documents to support your case like Comps.  They do want your evidence, but Mr. Hartzel stated they do not want people to come in saying  they don’t agree with the tax assessment and not have anything but their opinion to back it up…..  They want to get this taken care of now; and don’t want it going all the way to the Court………….hence the ‘pre-trial conference’.  In other words it is like “Let’s make a Deal time”. 
       We wish you all the very best; but we are going all the way whatever it takes to make this right for everyone.  There is much more to say. Please continue  wear red and come to the commissioners meetings. We have someone interested in starting a group meeting at McDonald’s regularly to keep on top of this and the other things going on in this county.  More on that later.  To all a good night………….
    FYI the next commissioners meeting is scheduled Wednesday December 15th.   Keep in touch.  We are pressing on…………………


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