The Civil War Chapel had brought up a lot of controversy in Gettysburg.  A local architect told me part of the problem was the structure was a potential liability to the buildings around it.  It didn’t have any fire walls to contain a fire.  When it went up in flame early Friday morning the boroughs worst fears were realized.  The Chapel went up in flames and took three neighboring buildings along with it.  The Chapel was nothing but smoldering remnants.   To the East the Ragged Edge coffee shop had some damage to the rear half (interior damage unknown).  To the West a historical building currently listed for sale was seriously damaged as well.  Interior damage is unknown, but based on the pictures it looks like it’s going to need considerable repair.  Behind the Chapel was a 6 unit women’s shelter that is no uninhabitable.  My understand is that quite a few people will be looking for alternative housing due to this fire that has now been deemed arson. 


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