Please don’t take this post as a complaint but consider it’s content.  There are a lot of benefits of property ownership.  Free (used loosely) equity generated by other peoples money.  This allows you to acquire wealth way behind your personal payment abilities.  Along with success comes with a lot of work.  Someone said “If it was easy everyone would be doing it.”  Truth.  That being said I just evicted some tenants.  The eviction process itself is costly and a pain to deal with.  After the tenants are gone there is always that feeling of unrest until you get a chance to see the property for the first time. 

I was happy to say that the condition of the property was about the same as I had left it.  However the tenants left behind essentially all of their possessions.  I am not in a super high rent district so a lot of the stuff isn’t worth salvaging due to build quality and condition.  Today My friend and I took 4 hours to empty a one bedroom rental unit.  We removed 5 mattresses and one box spring.  A few dressers and whole lot of junk.  It’s quite amazing how much stuff people will leave behind. 

Having to remove this much stuff is certainly not common but it is certainly something that will happen from time to time if you own rental properties.  The good news is it only cost me $75 to get rid of all of this.  I paid my buddy a bit to help me (not the most fun job) and borrowed the trailer from a friend.

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