A Sigh of Relief – Last Minute Success

On October 12, 2010, in Uncategorized, by David Monsour

Realtors face a lot of challenges that are never seen or heard about by the general public.  Think of a sewage worker…you have any idea of what he does, but you really don’t know how good or bad it really is.   The new legislation has really made our job difficult.  We aren’t wadding around in shit per say, but it’s not pleasant weeding through copious amounts of paperwork looking for the a pot of gold – pay day. 

It might be the only job where your paycheck is negotiated down and where all problems become the realtors fault or monetary responsibility.  We accept this as part of thejob, but we do appreciate an understanding of how much work we actually do for what we get paid.  If you’ve been following my blog I recently an appraisal come in 9,000 under what was being expected by the buyer and seller.  In today’s economic climate that 9,000 dollars could be a deal killer.  The current deal that is pending was put on life support.  I had the paddles charged and was rubbing them together.  I thought maybe I’d have to shock this thing back to life. 

For the first time a mortgage lender was the one to, against his will, put some of his money on the table to get the deal closed.  It’s a tough situation when all parties are completely strapped for cash, realtors have taken pay cuts, and the lender has generated all the possible credit available to him.  I’m happy to say that this lender stepped up to the plate.  I will plug him and his contact info at a later date since we haven’t gone to settlement yet. 

Needless to say today I woke up and breathed a sigh of relief.  Last night everyone agreed that this was something that we could do.  Something that we could achieve.  Real estate takes a lot of problem solving ability.   There is usually a way it just comes at a cost whether it be the buyer, seller, realtor, or lender who comes up with the money.  Rare is the time that the monetary obligation should fall on the realtor, but we (Realtors) do like to do our best to create a winning situation for all involved parties.  After all we are facilitators, we handle the process, the buyer and seller makes the decisions.  Our job is to prompt and educate them so that they are making the right ones.

I’m happy to say that today is a good day.  Success.  I look forward to the next challenge.


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