With all the information available on the web these days people are more and more ambitious about what they can tackle on their own. I have to say that I relate. I so often go searching the google machine for solutions to problems, how to videos, and picture-less write ups that claim to answer the worlds problems…or at least mine. Just yesterday I looked up a video about tying the coveted double windsor.  I had this mid-day pre-wedding epiphany that a larger knot on my tie would somehow improve my wedding experience.  It didn’t change the amount of fun I had but I did get some compliments so at this point I’ll deem it a worthwhile endeavor. 

Now that I have my useless babble out of the way I want to take a minute to, quite frankly, get to the point.  There are any number of real estate websites, including blogging platforms, where you can get any information you want about real estate.  I’m a member at many of these places and do enjoy what they provide as a service to me and the real estate consumer.  However, there is one thing they are lacking and that is all the stuff that people do to agents that piss them off (they do write about this).  Instead they rant under a “members only status” so that they can keep their public affairs in order.  I figured “what the hell” I’m just going to talk about whatever I feel like.  I’ve never been one to hold much back, in fact, my friends often suggest that I “turn the filter to the on position.” 

My basic goal is just to write about the daily life of a realtor and property owner.  Some of the things that happen from week to week will be humorous and expensive (to me) but it will certainly allow the reader to gain some perspective into the life of a real estate agent and what we actually do for that 6% that we charge to sell a house.   To the every day person 6% is a lot but behind the scenes it would take upwards of 10% to make some of these deals worthwhile from an emotional and stress standpoint.

I’m also going to cover up to date real estate information.  I’ll cover changes in financing, home inspections, appraisals, complain a little, and also talk about my local market.  I hope that this new outlook will not only keep the readers coming back, that is if there are any, and also garner to real estate sales in the process.  I take my job very seriously so don’t get any ideas about how I perform my job.  I like to have a good time and I like to share. 

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