It’s safe to say that the recent Adams County real estate tax reassessment has sent shock waves through the community.  Property owners of all kinds have been surprised by the tax increases.  I’ve written a few other blogs detailing the process of the reassessment.  According to 21st Century appraisers (the reassessment company) the tax base has to remain the same, meaning the overall taxes collected by Adams County cannot increase.  So along with the reassessment comes a redistribution.  Unfortunately for the residents the people that own the older homes are getting hit far harder than people living in newer homes.  This is because when new homes are built they are assessed at that time.  Older homes are assessed when improvements are made or during tax assessments like this one.    This process is shifting the taxes from the new homes back to the older homes so that everyone is paying their fair share. that you know what is going on lets talk about how to fight back if you got an unfair assessment.  Many Adams county residents received tax assessments showing values that are grossly high for varying reasons.  If you have questions about value a simple call to a realtor can probably give you a good idea about your assessment. 

If you’ve decided you want to appeal your assessment you will have to call 21st Century Appraisals to Appeal (keep reading).  Typically the appeal would be handled by the tax assessment office.  Because the reassessment is still underway the process will be handled by 21st Century Appraisers.

The first step is an informal appeal.  You will have to call 1 877-448-0899 to setup an appointment.  At this appointment you will be given the opportunity to produce evidence showing a value less than your new 100% assessed value.   You can use a CMA from a Realtor, a recent appraisal (up to a year old, values have decreased over the past 12 months), photos showings reasons for less value (wet basement, bad baths, bad kitchens, etc).  They suggested and to find comparable properties.  You will need to have the informal appeal process completed before August 10th, which basically means you need to call immediately to setup an appointment.  After the informal appeal you will have the opportunity to file for a formal appeal.  You will have to file for a formal appeal before August 10th.  Meetings for formal appeals won’t be held until September.  It was suggested to me by the company that everyone file for an informal appeal and then proceed from there.  Paperwork for the formal appeal will be distributed at the informal appeal meeting.

If you have questions about potential value I can tell you if your estimate seems fair based on square footage, acreage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage space so feel free to give me a call.


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