I want to preface this blog with the fact that my available rentals are in Chambersburg and not Gettysburg, but since my primary market is Gettysburg I’ve titled the blog accordingly. This blog was motivated by some current events involving my personal rental properties that I found distastful and put some future tenants in a negative light.

Applying for a rental is much like applying for a mortgage, but not nearly as intense. A landlord wants to verify that they aren’t getting a lemon of a tenant. The landlord tenant law is so in favor of the tenant that once a person has occupied a rental it’s worse than removing wisdom teeth to get them out. In fact Novocain is welcomed to ease the pain a bad tenant can have one your wallet. So that being said I’d like to state a few things that I would avoid if I were a tenant applying for a rental.

1.) If I call you back and hear some rap song with nasty lyrics it’s probably going to make me second guess having you as a tenant. I like rap as much as the next guy, but I would prefer to call back and hear a regular ring tone with a nice voice message. First impressions mean a lot.

2.) If you make an appointment to see a rental – SHOW UP. I’ve learned over the years to make all of my showing appointments at the same time because inevitably half of the people who make the appointments don’t show up. If you call me back after a no show, it’s too late, you’re already crossed off the list. If you don’t have the courtesy to call and cancel I doubt you’ll be very worried about paying your rent.

3.) When you arrive don’t tell me that you’re planning on vacating the property as soon as XYZ happens. I’m looking for a years lease not some guy looking to hold out until his settlement with this wife comes through. Things like this are big time red flags.

4.) Fill out your rental application completely and use don’t use your three best friends as referrences. It’s not hard to spot people that are trying to keep those skeletons in the closet.

These are just a few tips to obtaining a rental. I’m not suggesting lying about anything, but if you’re honest and professional your odds of getting that apartment you want are that much better.


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