Is social media the future of real estate marketing?  I think yes and I have a lot of reasons why I believe this to be true.  Current technology is changing so quickly that computers are nearly outdated six months after purchase.  Phones have become miniature computers that put us in contact with our entire sphere of influence with the touch of a button via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or whatever other outlet you’re using to communicate. 

We have the ability to pass information faster than ever and none of it requires human contact.  Sure a person has to input the information but it travels faster than a rumor in high school.  Oh Sally did sleep with Tom, I knew it.  Today that horrible rumor is a twitter post away from telling EVERYONE.  In fact Twitter has become so popular that someone created a Twitter page for “LeBrons elbow” due to some pains he was having during the play offs. 

So how does this apply to real estate.  As the nation as a whole becomes more technologically advanced they will turn toward sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and blogs for their information.  The ability to generate a good reputation and trust on the web is a few testimonials away.  Accessing your personal sphere of influence is a link away.  I can touch over 850 people on facebook with one link.  I can reach out to the entire www with a Twitter post. 

As Real Estate professionals our ability to create maximum exposure for a listing in a given market is expanding at an incredible rate.  Don’t get caught with a realtor who is behind the times.  You won’t to have all of these tools at your fingertips.  People want information and they want it now.  Social media provides these opportunities and more.


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